Repository Software
Data repositories are the framework for creating and facilitating a user interface for data collections. A good data repository includes data storage, web hosting, and an administrative profile for configuring and editing a user interface and publishing datasets.
As determined through our User Stories - Digging In and its data will need to be hosted by a repository that can accept contributive datasets from community garden owners/managers, host and display geolocation information of community gardens, and ingest and display metadata following DCAT schema.
Based on these needs, an instance of CKAN would be sought after for implementation. Main reasons for using CKAN include: geospatial and visualization capabilities, is interoperable with other types of repositories, has frequent updates ensuring preservation, and community contributions to utilization of the instance is widely available. CKAN’s vocabularies and tags will allow for controlled access points as well as develop a user-drive folksonomy. These indexing tools will be primarily used for types of food produced and types of tools available.
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